Tarapoto attractive tourist destination in San Martin

Known as the City of Palms, it has established itself as a major tourist destination in the North Eastern Circuit Peru. Tarapoto is an important trade between San Martin and Loreto point.

Sauce Lagoon o Blue Lagoon
Sauce Lagoon o Blue Lagoon - Pic: Internet

Ahuashiyacu waterfall
Ahuashiyacu waterfall - Tarapoto

Typical Dance of Lamas
Typical Dance of Lamas - Pic: Internet

Founded under the name of "Santa Cruz of Tarapoto Motilones" in 1782 on the banks of river Shilcayo Cumbaza near the river, both affluents of the Mayo River. Tarapoto is named after a palm called "Taraputus" that grows there.

Tarapoto is located north east of the department of San Martin, has now reached an important place as a tourist destination in the Peruvian jungle, its warm climate and friendly people are some of its main features.

City of Palms has the main airport in the region, allowing it to be an important point in the north eastern tourist circuit, tourists travel directly from Lima to Tarapoto, or return to Lima by air after a long journey by land by Fernando Belaunde Terry highway.

Its proximity to Lamas and Sauce makes it even more attractive tourism in this city. We describe some of the most important places to visit when traveling to Tarapoto:


  • Just 21 Km. Is the town of Lamas, an ancient city inhabited by Quechua Indians who still preserve their customs. Lamas is considered the city of three floors, the distribution of their neighborhoods, "the Wayku" is the neighborhood where most number of indigenous people.
  • Just 45 minutes away is the town of "Sauce", where you can enjoy its extensive and impressive "Blue Lagoon", a name given by the color acquires its waters reflecting the blue sky of our forest. Reach Sauce is an adventure because you must cross the Huallaga River using a "raft Wow" that is capable of carrying onmibuses using a pulley system that harnesses the power of water.
  • Just 14 Km. Is Ahuashiyacu cataract, with its 35 meters high and its 3 falls is one of the most visited by tourists, thanks to which is one of the most accessible places to be on the side of the road Tarapoto to Yurimaguas joins. Ahuashiyacu is in the protected forest of the ladder mountains, animal shelter as the cock of the rock.
  • Chazuta the town center, located along the Huallaga River, 60 km. From Tarapoto, where you can find challenging rapids, beautiful landscapes, archaeological remains, ceramics and especially culture and traditions preserved from generation to generation.
  • If your visit is not too short can visit the Alto Mayo, the cities of Rioja and Moyobamba, located 2 hours from Tarapoto, find different beautiful places, headwaters of rivers, caves, waterfalls, forests Tingana amphibians, beautiful orchids and Moyobamba bromeliads among other things.

Undoubtedly, your trip to the Peruvian jungle is unforgettable, visit Tarapoto and covers the various attractions of this city and if you dare come to the Alto Mayo, visit the Noble and charming town of Rioja and Moyobamba beautiful and picturesque.

San Martin awaits you!

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