Gocta, Tres Sisters Yumbilla, three of the highest waterfalls in the world are in Peru

Peru has the second, third and fourth highest waterfalls in the world, all located in the department of Amazonas. Gocta, Three Sisters and Yumbilla are these beautiful waterfalls of over 700 meters.

Three Sisters Falls
Three Sisters Falls -

Gocta Waterfall
Gocta Waterfall -

Yumbilla Waterfalls
Yumbilla Waterfalls -

Our privileged country, Peru, has natural wonders who occupy important seats of honor in the world rankings, proof of this is that 3 of the 5 highest waterfalls in the world are found in Peru, specifically in the departments of Junin and Amazon

Five highest waterfalls in the world, according www.worldwaterfalldatabase.com

Kerepakupai Merú 3,212 ft 979 m 148.99 5.3 91.43% Bolívar Venezuela
Tres Hermanas, Cataratas las 3,000 ft 914 m 79.54 3.66 - Junín Peru
Yumbilla, Catarata 2,938 ft 896 m - - - Amazonas Peru
Gocta, Catarata 2,531 ft 771 m 107.13 4.41 90.97% Amazonas Peru
Yutajé, Salto 2,345 ft 715 m 89.62 4.43 31.44% Amazonas Venezuela

To travel to meet Gocta and Yumbilla, they can travel to Chachapoyas by air or road, from there travel to the towns nearby.

Three Sisters Falls

Three Sisters Falls are in Peru, in the province of Ayacucho, in the river Cutivireni. Three Sisters Falls are beautiful, reach an altitude of 914 meters and 12 meters wide. Its volume is about 1 m3 / s. Three Sisters Falls fall into the wonderful atmosphere of the South American rainforest. Some surrounding trees reach the height of 30 meters. Under the Three Sisters Falls is a small lake, which reaches up to 4 meters depth. During the walk to the Three Sisters Falls tourists can admire many tropical plants and a variety of animals.

Waterfall Yumbilla

Waterfall exceeding 895.4 meters has four large waterfalls. Around the waterfall Yumbilla the terrain is mountainous with the presence of small, medium and tall trees, and as for wildlife the presence of the cock of the rocks, monkeys, reptiles and bears out.

Gocta Waterfall

The Gocta waterfall, known locally as La Chorrera, is a waterfall that measured 771 meters and was considered the third highest waterfall in the world, currently studies (IGN) National Geographic Institute. They have shown that Waterfall Yumbilla, located in Amazon has a height greater. It was discovered by German Stefan Ziemendorff, who said the place is not on any map because of its remoteness. Although the villagers were aware of the Cataract always they hid the existence of Gocta for fear of legends and myths about the presence of a siren and a snake guarding the place.

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