Amazon: Kuelap and Gocta synonyms for Culture and Natural Beauty

The Amazon region has many tourist attractions, but today Kuelap and Gocta have been established as its flagship products for cultural significance and scenic beauty respectively.

Kuelap fort
Kuelap fort -

Constructions in Kuelap Fort
Constructions in Kuelap Fort -

Kuelap, is located on top of a mountain at 3,000 meters, it was built by the Chachapoyas culture and it is estimated that it was built around 1000. The narrowness of their flags imply that was built to defend the dock other tribes, served as a shelter for the noble and food stock. Some historians claim that Kuelap was contruida to provide shelter for the inhabitants of the emergency area (Via Wikipedia).

Kuelap is a sign of cultural wealth of this region of Peru, impressive buildings were made before the Incas and are an example of the wit and intelligence of our ancestors, then they built complex passages, massive walls with large stone blocks and a sophisticated system drainage, all this taking into account the geography and the difficult access to this area.

Apart from Kuelap, the Amazon region has one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Peru, Gocta, with 771 meters is considered the "fourth highest waterfall in the world", it is worth noting that recently was also discovered the waterfall Yumbilla, also in the Amazon and according to the evidence in wikipedia region would be the third highest waterfall in the world, surpassing its 895 meters Gocta unfortunately latter cataract is not promoted within the tourist circuits of this region.

Gocta is located very close to the population center of Cocachimba, where it reached from the city of Chachapoyas or from Pedro Ruiz, who is the city where is the detour that takes us to Chachapoyas. Tarapoto to Gocta is a distance of 340 km by paved road, except for the last 6 km, which run through a dirt road in good condition. The route from Tarapoto to Gocta is one of the most spectacular of Peru, as it ascends from the Amazon jungle to the green Andes of Chachapoyas, crossing the Alto Mayo and forests of orchids, the lagoon Pomacochas and other places of scenic interest and ecological (collecting information Gocta Lodge).

For those interested in learning more about the highest waterfalls in the world, at the following link you can find an interesting rankings.

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