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➾ Imágenes aéreas y timelapse de Yacumama desde un Drone

La selva y su exhuberante vegetación se aprecian aún mejor desde el aire, desde un Drone. Este video, muestra Yacumama en todo su explendor, desde el amanecer hasta el atardecer.

➾ Beautiful natural landscapes in Rioja: Aguas Verdes and Serrano Yacu

Rioja is a privileged province, within its many attractions is Yacu Aguas Verdes and Serrano, both rivers cross the Alto Mayo Protected Forest, creating breathtaking scenery.

➾ Birding Rally Challenge in the jungle of Alto Mayo

The event birding "North Amazonian Birding Rally Challenge", today began June 11 in the Pomac Forest Historical Sanctuary

➾ Risk adventure sports in Tarapoto, Peru

Tarapoto by geographical features is attractive for the practice of extreme sports, from canoeing on the Mayo River to the most difficult routes in 4x4.

➾ 5 Reasons to travel to the Jungle in Independence Day of Peru

The Jungle is a wonderful place to travel at any time of the year, so I give you 5 reasons to consider in holidays and go to enjoy this beautiful region.

➾ Pomacochas Lagoon: History and main features

Pomacochas Lagoon with its 12 km2, a depth of 100 meters and located on the side of the road Fernando Belaunde Terry, is a important attraction of the Amazon region.

➾ Gocta, Tres Sisters Yumbilla, three of the highest waterfalls in the world are in Peru

Peru has the second, third and fourth highest waterfalls in the world, all located in the department of Amazonas. Gocta, Three Sisters and Yumbilla are these beautiful waterfalls of over 700 meters.

➾ Amazon: Kuelap and Gocta synonyms for Culture and Natural Beauty

The Amazon region has many tourist attractions, but today Kuelap and Gocta have been established as its flagship products for cultural significance and scenic beauty respectively.

➾ Tourism and economic growth in the region San Martin

According to the latest survey by the Central Reserve Bank of Peru, the influx of tourists in the month of July 2011 is 31% more than the same period last year.

➾ Experiential tourism and ecotourism an alternative for development

Ecotourism projects and alternatives of Experiential Tourism that start in the Alto Mayo and can become an alternative for tourism development in the region.

➾ Tarapoto attractive tourist destination in San Martin

Known as the City of Palms, it has established itself as a major tourist destination in the North Eastern Circuit Peru. Tarapoto is an important trade between San Martin and Loreto point.

➾ Rioja and Moyobamba: The story of the cities that make up the Alto Mayo

Brief history of the sister cities of Rioja and Moyobamba, its age and the most important historical events that took place in them.

➾ Rioja, the town where you live the best carnival in the Peruvian Amazon

Rioja Carnival is one of the most representative festivities of the city of Rioja, where the entire population participates actively.

➾ 15 Reasons why you should know the Alto Mayo Valley

You mentioned fifteen reasons why you need to know the Alto Mayo and enjoy an unforgettable trip to the jungle of San Martin

➾ How to travel to the Alto Mayo?

Do you want to travel to Alto Mayo but do not know how to do it ?. We explain the various routes and the best services to travel to this land.

Paquetes Turísticos

School tour package: Exploring the Alto Mayo Jungle (03 Days / 02 Nights)

Tourist package for students, three days and two nights in the jungle of Alto Mayo, enjoy an unforgettable trip in Rioja and Moyobamba. Minimum 15 People.

School tour package: Weekend in Alto Mayo (02 Days / 01 Night)

Tour package for students, minimum group of 15 students. Meet the Alto Mayo forest, Rioja and Moyobamba.

Alto Mayo near to you (03 Días / 02 Noches)

Tourist package that takes you to the Alto Mayo, visiting various tourist sites in Rioja and Moyobamba.

Weekend in the Alto Mayo Valley (02 Days / 01 Night)

Knows the mysteries of the Alto Mayo, this tour package will take you to the beauty of the provinces of Rioja and Moyobamba, the Tour includes: City Tour, hot springs and sulfur baths of Moyobamba, fluvial navigation through the rainforest, among other things.